How to Spy on a Cell Phone if you cannot access the target Cell Phone

You CAN spy on a cell phone even if you can't ever get access to that cell phone! Good remote install cell phone spy software

First off let me dispel a big rumor going on that the ONLY way you can spy on someone's cell phone is if you get a physical hold of it to install the spy software. For some reason there is a spyphone myth out there that remote install cell phone spy does not work. Maybe some do not but the one I use does.

I know this from personal experience. My name is Dave and I wanted to spy on my girlfriends cell phone. I was sure she was cheating on me and a cell phone spy would answer all my questions but I had three things getting in my way:

So I knew the only way I was going to spy on her phone was a phone spy where I didn't have to install anything to her phone or if I did have to install spy software I could do it remotely. (not touching the phone)

I searched high and low on the internet and saw there was not much information about remote spyware. The web pages I found that had remote spyware they all had no guarantees of satisfaction for their spy product and no technical support. Case in point and  I finally did find a remote install phone surveillance app that has a 30 day guarantee and technical support. In fact it was the ONLY remote spy program that had both!  I figured it MUST work. I also liked that is was referred to as the ultimate cell spy software.

The Cell Phone Spy I found that lets you Spy on a Mobile Phone without ever touching it

The one I tried was Cell Tracker and it worked like a charm! It costs $69 and unlike other phone spy software where you have to get a hold of the target phone there are absolutely no monthly fees ever. I just paid $69 one time and have been using it for several months with fantastic success.

Below is a small picture of the Cell Tracker website.

What I like best about Cell Tracker mobile phone spy

So all that baloney you may have heard about how you can't spy on a cell phone unless you can get a hold of it and install the phone spy to the target phone? Complete rubbish! In fact here is an article on how the military has been remote spying for decades.

What about help or support should I need it?

On all the Cell Tracker cell spy web pages there is a little help box in the lower left hand side of every page of the Cell Tracker website just like the image you see to the left. Start typing in any question you have and the box immediately expands showing possible answers to the question you typed which looks like the image to the right. If the answer you are looking for doesn't come up just click the link ask a representative and you are talking with a live person who will tell you anything you need to know.

Start spying on any cell without ever having to access the target phone

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David M. - 2/09/2012 - Q: "To install Cell Tracker or Cell Snoop to an IPhone does the IPhone need to be jailbroken first?"
A: Yes. Anytime you wish to install anything to a Blackberry that is on on the Apple market you must jailbreak your IPhone.