Does Cell Tracker REALLY Work?

A Question soooo many people I know have asked me 'Does Cell Tracker Really Work?"

Yes Cell Tracker REALLY works. It certainly worked for me. About the only difficulty I had was after I ordered Cell Tracker and downloaded the Cell Tracker spy package to my computer I had to unzip and transfer the files to MY cell phone.

The files were .jar and .jad files which are java files. The reason java files are used for the Cell Tracker spy is they are not dependant on the operating system they are being used on. In case you didn't know these type of files are used on your regular PC in a lot of web pages.

If you want to know more about that here is a webpage on Wikipedia all about jar files. Here is an article and a download link for the app to let your cell phone process java files properly.

What is good about that from a cell phone spying perspective is it means it does not matter what type of OS YOUR cell phone has, Cell Tracker phone spy will work. (Remember with CellTracker you are installing the spy to YOUR phone and not the target phone, the one you are spying on.) It is because java is the programming language being used for the cell phone spy that Cell Tracker works so well and for just about ANY cell phone.

I had to find a free utility online for unzipping and successfully transferring these files to my cell phone. I was afraid of messing something up so I went to the Cell Tracker website and submitted a help request. The next morning instructions were in my inbox. When you purchase and download Cell Tracker is does come with instructions though. I guess I am just a nervous Nelly about things and wanted to make sure I installed the remote cell spy and not screw anything up.

I figures since Cell Tracker does come with a 30 day money back guarantee the worst thing that could happen is I would not be able to spy on my girlfriends cell phone which would have been a real disappointment since I didn't want to get my $69 back - I wanted to spy on her cell phone! Thankfully everything worked out fine and in retrospect it is much easier than it first seems.

If I had to do it over again I could do it in a matter of a couple of minutes without any problems. It is more of a confidence thing than anything else.

So for all of you out there wonder if Cell Tracker phone spy works the answer is a definite YES!! Cell Tracker really works. If you run into any difficulties the mobile phone spying website answers questions about that free of charge. If you run into any problems or difficulties don't quit in frustration. Trust me, cell Tracker really DOES work and if you hit a 'speed bump' while installing or configuring Cell Tracker just contact them on their website. They will help. The don't want to have to give you your money back. Both you AND them want Cell Tracker cell phone spy to work for you.


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Tiffany 1/10/2012 Q: I have an Iphone and my boyfriend has a tmobile G2. Will he know that I am spying on his phone? In other words, is there an icon or something that will give it away on his phone? Can he take it to the stores and have someone detect if he has spyware tracking his phone? I really want to buy this software but I'm a bit nervous that'll find out. Thanks for your help.
A: The beauty of Cell Tracker is it gets installed to your cell phone and not his. The only connection ever established with his cell phone is a frequency connection so there is nothing ever on his phone. It is sort of like tuning into a radio station with your radio. The radio station will never know you are listening. There is absolutely no way he can ever detected his cell phone is being monitored with Cell Tracker.

Laurel 1/12/2012 Q: Is it possible to spy on a Galaxy Tab (Samsung) with Cell Tracker? If so how do you make the frequency pairing phone call to it?
A: I don't believe you can use Cell Tracker to spy on a Galaxy Tab. I am not 100% sure though so you might want to contact Cell Tracker support to double check.

1/11/2012 Andrez Velez Q: Hello. I have a Blackberry 9700 and i want to spy a Nokia c1-02. it is possible with Cell Tracker spy software?
A: Absolutely. Your cell phone is a smart phone (Blackberry) which is 100% compatible with both Cell Tracker and Cell Snoop Spy.

1/12/2012 Jimmy Belle Q: Is Cell Tracker legit and real. Can u actually look at the other persons text messages and stuff and will they know and will u get caught?.
A: Interesting question giving the page content. Yes Cell Tracker is real. You can see phone calls, text messages, emails, web sites visited, the exact location of the cell phone, and even listen to live calls. There is absolutely no way they will every know they are being monitored with a spyphone app because nothing ever gets installed to their cell phone. The only way you could get caught is if you spy on a live ongoing conversation and you don't mute your cell phone and you make noise and they hear it. (Mute your cell phone when spying on live conversations).

1/17/2012 Karen Q: Thanks for your info on cell Tracker remote cell phone spyware. Can you help me with getting the software? I have had unstoppable obstacles all day with moneybookers and cell Tracker's web site not processing. Is there a way you can help me to get the software installed into my phone I will pay you. Oh, do you have to use cell Tracker's web site to access the information or is it on your phone, because their web site is on overload..
A: Hi Karen. Yes I know Cell Tracker is ordered so much the Cell Tracker web site can get bogged down with the huge number of visitors at certain times of the day. (and people ask "does Cell Tracker really work?" LOL) I would be more than happy to help. Use the contact form on the contact us page and include your phone number. We can get a lot more done with installing cell Tracker to your phone in a phone conversation than email. You do not need to log on to a web server to view the spy details of the cell phone you are spying on. That is why there are no recurring fees with Cell Tracker spy. Info gets displayed on the screen of your cell phone. Instructions are provided immediately after ordering Cell Tracker.