How to Spy on a Cell Phone WITHOUT Having it

How to spy on a cell phone without having access to it to install spy app

The way you spy on a cell phone without having it is the use of a remote cell phone spy. Remote cell phone spy software gets installed to your cell phone. The way most cell phone spy software works is you have to get access to the phone for about five minutes to install the spy program to it. For MOST people who want to spy on someone's cell phone this is just not possible. For example, your partner or spouse has gone away on business and then your insecurities begin getting the better of you. You wonder if something is going on. Well they are away for several weeks and they have their cell phone with them.

The ONLY way you can spy on their cell phone without having it in your hands, at least for the five minutes required by most cell spy software, is a remote cell phone spy.

Here is how it works. You install the remote spy program to YOUR cell phone and not theirs. You then merely have to frequency pair your cell phone with theirs. This is done by establishing a connection with their phone for at least 30 seconds. They don't even have to answer. If it goes to their voice mail that is ok just as long as you are connected for 30 seconds. A remote cell phone spy is the ONLY way to spy on a cell phone without having it and if anyone tries to tell you different they are lying.

Is YOUR cell phone compatible with Cell Tracker remote spy?

Below is a list of carriers that are 100% compatible for being able to remote spy on a phone you can't get access to:

Phone carriers compatible with remote cell phones spy.

Visit Cell Tracker website to see, step by step, HOW to Spy on Mobile Phone without having it

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Q: Mitat 1/14/2012 - Hello there, my question is about the CELL Tracker people, that company says that there's no need to touch the target phone to spy...!  is that possible??? many expert says NO WAY..! please honestly tell me is that company real and the software is working in that way as i am about to buy and i dont want to be robbed many thanks.
Here is a link about the military and remote spying. The way a remote cell phone spy works is no more magical than a Bluetooth device making a remote connection to a another Bluetooth device. The military has been using remote spying for decades. This technology is only available to the public very recently. Cell Tracker is a legit cell phone spy that works. Here is that link... Government Spyware Capable of Snooping, Remote Updates

Q: Sandra 1/14/2012 - Will Cell Tracker work on Sanyo phones?
Cell Tracker can spy on ANY cell phone. The Cell Tracker program has to be installed to a smart phone though - in other words a cell phone with either Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, or IPhone operating system unless Cell Tracker has updated their mobile spyware recently. Use the link for the Cell Tracker site above and ask them to be 100% sure.

Q: Janie 1/14/2012 - I would like to "spy" on a particular cell phone, but that phone does not have internet capabilities. Will that pose a problem?.
The phone you are spying on needs NO internet capabilities IF you are going to spy on that phone with a remote spy program like Cell Tracker or CellSnoop. If you are using a conventional cell phone spy like Spybubble or Mobistealth then the target phone does need internet. When using a remote spyware for cell phones the target phone does need to have cell phone service.

Q: Mitat 1/14/2012 - me and my boyfriend both have Straighttalk phones that we purchase the minutes by the month will this product work on our phones? I dont have any papers pertaining to my phone either can I still download and use the product?.
As far as I know the phone you install Cell Tracker spy has to be a smart phone (Android, Blackberry, IPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian). Here is the link to the Cell Tracker web site. Double check with them. Maybe they have updated Cell Tracker so it can now be installed to non smart phones as well.