Is Internet Access Required on Target Cell Phone to Spy On It?

To Spy on Cell Phones does source OR target cell phone require internet access?

A question about cell phone spying I get asked time and time again is 'does a cell phone you want to spy on need to have Internet access to be able to spy on it?' Another similar question I frequently get asked is 'Does my cell phone need to have Internet access to spy on another cell phone?'

Two excellent cell phone spy related questions and the answer depends upon which type of phone spy you're going to use. Many people are not aware of this but there are two different types of cell phone spy software.

While remote cell phone spy software boasts many advantages over local cell phone spy the one shortcoming of remote cell phone spy is the inability to store data for later viewing. Local cell phone spy, as you'll remember, the spy information gets transmitted to the cell phone spy website members area. The spy information is saved for you so you can login any time you wish to view this information including phone calls that are made and received, text messages sent and received, etc.

Remote cell phone spying doesn't have this storage ability. Because the connection with the target phone is a frequency connection when events happen on the target phone such as phone calls and text messages immediately information about these activities is transmitted to your cell phone. If at that exact specific time your cell phone is off or isn't getting cell phone service you will miss that information which is unretrievable.

The biggest advantage to remote cell phone spying is the flexibility of target phones you can spy on. Because there is no software program installed to any specific target phone (remember it is installed to your cell phone) you can establish a frequency connection and thus initiate cell phone spying on an unlimited number of cell phones. Another big advantage to remote cell phone spyware is price. Local cell phone spy costs a certain amount of money upfront when you purchase the spy program itself as well as the monthly or quarterly recurring fees for access to the members area. Without access to the phone spy members area the phone spy application itself is worthless. With remote cell phone spy because the spy details are relayed to the screen of your cell phone your cell phone essentially becomes the members area.

So which type of phone spy software is best? Which cell phone spy software should you use to spy on somebody's mobile device? This depends upon many factors but a good rule of thumb is if there is no way you can get a hold of the target cell phone to install spy software to it there is absolutely no way you can use a local cell phone spy program. In these situations use the remote cell phone spy. If you can get a hold of the target phone to install the spy program than the choice is yours to make.

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