NASA Satellite Spy included FREE with Cell Tracker Remote Spy is the ultimate worldwide remote cell phone tracking tool there is!!

Looking for serious remote cell phone tracker software? How would you like to be able to track the location of anyone in the world from the comfort of your PC anytime of the day or night. We are talking high grade military like cell phone tracking capabilities that will blow your mind.

Cell Tracker spy is a remote cell phone spy software program that has GPS tracking as part of its remote phone spy package. That is not what I am referring to though. When you download Cell Tracker as a bonus item is a program called NASA satellite spy which is a completely separate tracking application all by itself. The software actually taps in to the satellites in the atmosphere.  It is actually a 3D program that runs on your PC.

The images relayed are about 15-20 minutes old but the power of the tracking application is truly amazing. You can navigate to anywhere in the world and then zoom in close enough to ANY worldwide location. Although it is not clear enough to make out peoples faces or catch license plates this tracker app does zoom in enough so you can see cars and buildings, see the color and type of vehicles.

Say for example your spouse says they will be at the gym at 8pm. To see if the are really there run the NASA spy phone tracker program at 7:20 (remember there is about a 15-20 minute delay) and zoom in on the gyms parking lot. You will be able to see if their car is there!!

This remote tracking app is truly 100% remote in that you don't have to install anything to any cell phone to track there person. They won't know you are tracking their location with the tool and even if they did know there is nothing they could do about it because you are watching them through satellites orbiting the earth dozens of miles in the sky.


This software is secret software that was actually designed and released by the United Stated government. Take a look at the setup and install dialog box to the right. This is the user agreement for setting up and installing this remote tracking application.

FREE remote tracking application?

Sort of. This remote tracker program is part of the Cell Tracker spy package which is a remote cell phone spy program.

The video below is a Cell Tracker remote spy customer talking about this remote cell phone tracking application that uses satellites around the world to be able to track the location of any one, any where. All I can say is the government is into some SERIOUS technology when it comes to spying and tracking and the only place you can get the NASA tracker and spy software is when you download the Cell Tracker remote spy software.

Here is a video which is a testimonial and Cell Tracker spy review where the user describes the NASA remote tracking and spy program.

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NASA remote tracking imagery.

Cell Tracker Website to Download Remote Spy and Remote Tracking App

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